After-Hours & Overnight RV Space Check-In

If you arrive in Farmington, NM, after-hours or when the park manager is not available, it’s easy to check in and park your RV at our RV park. ┬áThe following two videos will walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know about our overnight RV spaces.

Please note, we filmed these videos during the renovation of our new office and clubhouse, which now looks like this:


No Reservation?

If you didn’t make a reservation by calling (505) 327-1671, this short video will guide you through the process:

If You Have an RV Park Reservation

If you called ahead and made a reservation, which we recommend doing, this video will guide you through the check-in process at Sundowner RV Park.

Thank you for choosing to stay at Sundowner – we believe you’ll love your stay with us and find Farmington to be smart choice for both work and play.

Need a Map of the Park?

If you already have a space number, you can view our convenient park map here to find your space.

To Make Reservations

If you’d like to make a reservation, call us at (505) 327-1671.

Yes, We Accept Credit Cards

For your convenience, we accept the following credit cards: