Mobile Homes for Rent in Farmington, NM

Are You Looking For a Beautiful Mobile Home for Rent

If you’re looking for a new home, you may have already now come to the realization that there is a huge difference between “trailers for rent” and “mobile homes for rent” and once you tour through one of our manufactured homes, we’re sure you’ll agree that there is a third category…

Super-Clean Mobile Homes You’ll Be Proud to Call “Home”

At Sundowner, we believe in providing the best community and the best homes available to our residents. 

Each home is thoroughly inspected, updated by highly-skilled craftsmen (many are frequently remodeled), and then put through a rigorous “white-glove, inspection-ready” cleaning that you truly have to experience to believe.

White Glove Inspection-Ready Homes

White-Glove, Inspection-Ready
Each home is inspected using a 21-point checklist so you'll feel at home from the moment you walk through the door.

Redwood Steps on Our Mobile Homes for Rent

High-Quality, Redwood Steps
Many of our homes come with high quality, redwood steps that make a great first impression on guests.

Mobile Home For Rent 33

We Do the Yard Work For You
Imagine coming home to find your yard has been taken care of for you so all you have to do is relax.

It’s not by accident that many of our residents, who were formerly considering moving into one of the newer apartment complexes in Farmington, decided they would prefer to live in a beautiful home with no shared walls, a parking space right in front of their door, and a yard they could call their own.

Enjoy Our New Clubhouse

You're going to love our new clubhouse...

Skip the gym membership and use our full gym.  Wash your clothes in our professional-grade laundromat.  Get to know your neighbors over a game of billiards, ping-pong, darts or cards.  

Or, just come up and relax in the lounge area where you can read or watch television.  Want to know more?  Click here.

“We Love Living At Sundowner…”

We enjoy the nice quiet park. Everyone is friendly, and we feel Ray and Diane work to keep the area clean and safe. We love living at Sundowner. Great location and even better landlords.

James ... Mobile Home Resident

What’s the Difference Between the “Trailers For Rent” Elsewhere and the “Mobile Homes For Rent” Here at Sundowner?

If you’re new to the area, or if you are just now starting to seriously think about living in a manufactured home, you might hear some people refer to manufactured homes as “trailers.” Well, there is a noticeable difference between a high-quality, manufactured home and a “trailer.”

Here’s what that means…

Trailers are easy to find and even easier to run away from (perhaps you’ve driven around the outskirts of Farmington and seen these “trailers” with junk in the yard and a trailer that looks like it’s close to falling apart). Well, we don’t have trailers…

We provide super-clean mobile homes in excellent condition, with professional skirting, beautiful steps and private yards that we take care of for you…

Mobile Home For Rent 33
Mobile Homes for Rent in Farmington, NM

And, if you’ve been looking for very long, you probably now realize that homes of this quality are very hard to find, which means they are in very high-demand.

And, that makes sense…

Naturally, it takes our skilled craftsmen and top-notch cleaning crew a significant amount of time and effort to prepare these homes for you to tour (maybe that’s why the qualified residents that tour one of our homes usually reserve them as soon as they walk through them. In fact, it’s not uncommon for them to say “I’ll take it” before they make it halfway through the home).

So, I’d encourage you to…

Call us today at (505) 327-1671 for availability before you miss your opportunity to live at what our guests refer to as “the nicest park in town.”

What’s The Difference Between Sundowner And Other Mobile Home Communities?

One of the main reasons why our mobile homes rent so quickly is because we believe in offering the finest homes available in a community that is built around respect, peace, and quiet and we believe in showing up right away in the event that you need anything fixed. In fact, many of our residents can’t believe how quickly we respond to maintenance requests after they decide to join our community.

"Quiet & Clean!"

Sundowner is a great neighborhood for workers with odd hours. Quiet and clean.

Tina ... Mobile Home Resident

“Rentals Are Very Clean!”

Rents are reasonable. Units are kept in excellent repair. Rentals are very clean! I feel safe as a Senior Citizen, for all prospective tenants have a thorough background check! Very quiet – the staff very helpful.

Kitty ... Mobile Home Resident

"Nice & Quiet!"

Nice and quiet!

Christopher ... Mobile Home Resident

Thinking About Looking Around Before You Call?

Normally, it would make sense to go through all the ads you can find, make calls, book appointments, drive around town, tour a few homes, and then make a decision. You could do that, and frankly, we’d love for you to do just that because you’ll be amazed at the difference when you step into one of our homes…

But, there’s just one problem with that strategy.

Our homes rent very quickly to those who qualify and we usually only have one (sometimes two) coming out of our extensive white-glove cleaning process, so if now you feel like Sundowner is the right place for you, call us without delay before your home is rented to someone else. You can reach us at (505) 327-1671.

You Deserve The Best

If you are considering renting a mobile home or an apartment in Farmington, then you owe it to yourself to give us a call to check our availability because these homes are “extremely clean” and many have grass yards and shade trees – that’s just not a combination you’re going to find anywhere else.

Call us today at (505) 327-1671 to speak to Diane and ask about availability of our mobile homes for rent in Farmington NM at Sundowner (you’ll be glad you did).