Apartments in Farmington, NM: Is Your Apartment’s Lack of Natural Light Making You Unhappy?

Apartments in Farmington NMNew Mexico is blessed by about 278 days of sunshine every year and a number of scientific studies have linked sunshine to happiness – so if you are looking for apartments in Farmington NM, it makes sense to find a place with as much natural light as possible.

Natural light is pretty amazing – it’s been shown to improve your mood, help you do better on tests and it’s even said to help improve  your immune system.

Do You Get Enough Sunlight Already?

If you think the average American gets enough sunlight just by being outside, you might want to check out the study by Daniel F. Kripke, a researcher at the University of San Diego, who strapped wrist-meters onto people to see how much sunlight they received each day.

The result?

The majority of the people in the study were exposed to less than one hour of sunlight a day and many people went for 48 hour stretches without sunlight.  We’re becoming an indoor society as we go from our front door to our car to our jobs and then back again.

There’s even a disease called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – a form of depression that is partially treated by  more sunlight or special lights.

So, if sunlight is so good for us, shouldn’t we try to get  as much natural light as we can.  We may not have much control over our work environment, but we can control where we live.

How Much Natural Light Shines Into the Apartments in Farmington NM?

There are a lot of nice apartments in Farmington NM, but almost all of them have one thing in common – shared walls.

The more walls you share with your neighbors, the fewer windows you can have, and that means less natural light.

Many apartment complexes only have windows on the front and the back of the apartment.  Some only have windows on the front of the apartment.

That just means less sunlight (… and quite possibly, less happiness).

Are You Maximizing Your Happiness Living in One of the Apartments in Farmington NM?

Maybe it’s time to consider another option.  We have ultra-clean manufactured homes that feel more like a home than apartments do and they have lots of big windows.  Big windows mean more natural light and natural light is linked to more happiness.

Our rental rates are often lower than apartments… and more cash in your wallet at the end of every month may just lead to more happiness as well.

If you are looking for apartments in Farmington NM, maybe you consider what it would feel like to be happier – call us today at (505) 327-1671 for a tour of one of our manufactured homes (…which have lots of windows and lots of natural light).