Farmington Mobile Homes vs Farmington Apartments

Farmington ApartmentsIf you are looking for a place to live in Farmington, I’d like to suggest expanding your search to include more than just Farmington Apartments.

By the end of this short article, I think you’ll understand how the mobile homes at Sundowner represent a better experience and better value than traditional apartments.

Let’s start with the reasons why apartments make sense…

Farmington Apartments: The Benefits

A number of apartment owners have taken steps to provide positive, clean and affordable housing. Here are some of the positives of living in some of the Farmington Apartments:

  • Community – We live in a world where it’s harder and harder to feed our need to be social and engage with people (Facebook only goes so far).
  • Location – Many of the apartments are well-located, close to restaurants, shopping and entertainment.
  • Amenities – Farmington has several nice swimming pools that you can take advantage of if your apartment complex does not have a community pool.
  • Done For You Maintenance – One of the benefits of living in an apartment, instead of a single-family home, is not having to do maintenance (…just make sure you rent from someone who actually takes care of your maintenance requests).

Farmington Apartments: The Negatives

Traditional apartments have a few drawbacks that are worth considering before you sign your next lease. Here they are:

  • Shared Walls – When you share walls with your neighbors, you don’t have a lot of control if your neighbors decide to party all night or watch their television full blast.
  • Shared Floor or Ceiling – If you are in a two-story apartment complex, you may have to put up with noisy neighbors (see above)
  • Shared Common Areas – Most apartment complexes have shared areas instead of private areas.
  • Parking – Some of the apartments in Farmington have parking right in front of the apartment, but many do not and that means you have to carry your heavy groceries farther (…or up stairs)
  • Low Levels of Natural Light – Exposure to natural light has been shown to increase happiness (…and who wouldn’t like to be happier?).

Farmington Apartments vs Farmington Mobile Homes for Rent

You can essentially experience the same benefits at Sundowner with fewer negatives.

Sundowner doesn’t have a community pool, but it is very close to the pools at Lyons Park and Brookside park (…and we believe not having a pool is safer for children).

Our residents don’t have to share walls, ceilings or floors with noisy neighbors, which makes it easier to get a good night’s sleep. You can park just feet from your door, which makes bringing home the groceries easy. If you have a maintanence request, our quick-response maintenance crew will be on the job. Our mobile homes for rent have a lot of natural light because they don’t share walls with neighbors. Want a private yard? You’ll have one at Sundowner.

What To Do Next:

If you are looking at Farmington Apartments, you might want to open your mind and broaden your search to include quality mobile homes for rent in Farmington’s nicest mobile home park – call (505)327-1671 today and mention this article for a complimentary tour of the property and available homes.