Top 5 Farmington NM Apartment Rental Mistakes

Farmington NM Apartment RentalsSundowner has top-quality mobile homes for rent in Farmington, but these mistakes are universal across apartments, mobile home and single-family homes for rent, so let’s talk about the Top 5 Farmington NM Apartment Rental mistakes and how you can avoid them, which will make your life a lot more enjoyable.

It’s just far easier to avoid a problem than trying to fix it later.

Let’s go over the different mistakes and then we’ll cover the insider tips you can use to avoid them.

Farmington NM Apartment Rental: Maintenance

  • A leaking faucet is tolerable, a broken air conditioner or heater is painful (we fix both right away)
  • Some landlords respond very quickly to maintenance requests (…but many do not)

Farmington NM Apartment Rental: Rental Criteria

  • Think of rental criteria like your checklist for dating
  • The higher the standards, the better the odds you are going to be satisfied with the people (…and the place) you end up with
  • Landlords with stricter rental criteria often take better care of their tenants and their rental property

Farmington NM Apartment Rental: Background Checks

  • A lot of landlords either skip the background checks or they say they are going to do them (to scare away bad tenants) but they don’t actually do them.  We do them for all applicants.
  • Background checks are a great way to know that your future neighbors are being screened (…which is important for you and the people you love)

Farmington NM Apartment Rental: Cleanliness

  • When you take a tour through the property, the level of cleanliness is very important
  • A dirty rental is a major red flag – how they care for their rentals is probably how they care for their tenants.  If they can’t be bothered to take care of their own expensive investments, how are they going to take care of their customers?

Farmington NM Apartment Rental: The Neighborhood

  • Saving a few dollars but living in a dirty, depressing or scary neighborhood is bad for your mental well-being, which affects every area of your life (relationships, job, health)
  • The environment you live in affects your state of mind – it’s a proven fact.
  • Paying a little bit more to live in a cleaner, brighter rental where you are surrounded by good neighbors will improve your mood and quality of life.

Farmington NM Apartment Rental Tips

There are five main areas to look for when you are renting an apartment, a mobile home or a single family home in Farmington, NM:

  1. Maintenance – how long does it take the property manager or maintenance crew to respond to maintenance requests.  We usually respond within 24 hours or less, but this varies a lot among landlords. Ask how the maintenance request process works and ask how long it takes to respond, on average, to a maintenance request
  2. Rental Criteria: Tell the manager that you are concerned about your neighbors and ask them what type of rental criteria they have and ask them if all of your neighbors went through the same screening process.  We have pretty strict criteria because we want to provide the best experience possible for you.
  3. Background Checks: Let the landlord know that you are concerned about your neighbors and ask what type of background checks they run (credit AND criminal are best).  We run both credit checks and criminal background checks for all applicants.
  4. Cleanliness: Ask for a tour and really look into all the “nooks and crannies.”  Are the windows clean?  Is their dirt in the corners of the floor in the kitchen?  Are the bathrooms spotless?  A clean rental usually means you’ll be appreciated and taken care of as well.  We pride ourselves on having the cleanest rental mobile homes available for rent in Farmington, NM.
  5. Neighborhood: Really look around the neighborhood.  Are the yards full of junk?  Are the cars in good condition?  How do the people look?  How well is the neighborhood maintained?  You’re renting more than your place, so check it all out.  We’ve spent a lot of time and energy to create the best neighborhood possible.

If you’re looking for a Farmington NM apartment rental, call us today to setup a tour of one of our super-clean manufactured homes – call us now at (505) 327-1671.