Farmington vs Durango RV Parks: Where Should You Stay?

Durango RV ParksIf you are headed to Durango in your RV to take advantage of the mountains and the area attractions, you may be considering staying in one of the Durango RV Parks.

I’d like to share an alternative with you before you reserve your RV space.

What if you could stay nearby, see world-class attractions that you’ll miss in Durango, and save money in the process?

Just south of Durango, across the border, you’ll find Farmington, NM, which offers easy access to not only Durango, but also to world famous fishing, golf, Native American festivals, trading posts and ruins.

Picture Farmington as the center of a wheel – it’s a great home base from which you can explore the surrounding sites. Some of the local attractions in or around Farmington include:

  • Aztec Ruins
  • Salmon Ruins
  • The Bisti Wilderness
  • The Anasazi ruins at Mesa Verde
  • Chaco Canyon
  • Angel Peak
  • Shiprock Pinnacle
  • Historic trading posts
  • The Outdoor Summer THeatre at Lions Wilderness Park
  • World famous golfing at Pinon Hills
  • Art Museums
  • Trout fishing on the Quality Waters at Navajo Dam

Durango RV Parks versus Farmington RV Parks

Farmington is located just 46 miles from Durango and many of the people who choose Farmington as a home base make day trips to take advantage of the things that Durango has to offer (like the Silverton Narrow Guage or the Bar-D Ranch).

Choosing Farmington as your home base will keep your costs low while giving you lots of dining, shopping and sightseeing options from a more centralized location.

You Can Always Stay in One of the Durango RV Parks – Maybe It’s Time for Farmington

If your heart is set on staying in Durango, I wouldn’t advise you to stay in Farmington until you realize how much Farmington has to offer.

If you’re ready to stay in Farmington instead of one of the Durango RV Parks then call us today at (505) 327-1671 to find out about available RV spaces.