The Durango RV Parks Two-Step

Durango RV ParksIf you are planning your next RV trip around staying in one of the Durango RV Parks, then you might become aware of the allure of a town just south of Durango on the other side of the Colorado-New Mexico Border.

Many RV owners are able to see the sites and enjoy the shopping in Durango withough missing on everything that the Farmington area has to offer because they do the Durango RV Park – Farmington RV Park Two Step – they stay in Durango for a portion of their trip and they stay in Farmington for the rest of their trip.

Durango RV Parks: A Great Place to Start

Staying at one of the Durango RV parks is a great way to start your vacation. You can see Downtown Durango, enjoy the Uncompahgre Peak, take day trips to Vallecito Reservoir and the Bar-D Ranch and maybe even ride the world-famous Durango-Silverton Narrow Guage Railroad.

Aztec Ruins

Aztec Ruins

After you’ve enjoyed the cool mountain air and seen the sites, head down south less than an hour and take in the Native American culture in Farmington. Farmington and the surrounding area hae a rich heritage dating back thousands of years.

Enjoy local artisans, Native American Trading posts, and numerous festivals and pow-wows thorughout the year.

Durango RV Parks: A Little Too Far for Some of the Native American Ruins

Any trip to the Four Corners area, where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet, would be incomplete without a trip to experience some of the local Native American Ruins.

While day trips from Farmington to Durango are pretty easy, a lot of people find that some of the trips to the local ruins take long enough that it makes more sense to stay in Farmington.

I’m not going to suggest you imagine being here already, but once you get here, you may want consider:

  • Canyon De Shelly – This park is unique amongst the different National Parks because it is made up entirely of Navajo Tribal Trust Land. Enjoy the sacred ruins, beautiful canyons and cottonwood trees that are home to a community of Navajo people.
  • Chaco Canyon – Enjoy the ruins that were once a major center for the Puebloan people between AD 850 and 1250.
  • Aztec Ruins – Visit the ancestral Pueblo ruins or the nearby Salmon Ruins and Heritage Park. ┬áThese ruins can be traced back to the ancestral Puebloans known as the “Anasazi.”

While you’re here, you may want to experience fresh-water fly-fishing, rafting, world-class golf, and even winery tours and 4×4 rock-climbing.

Either way, it’s nice to know that the Durango RV Parks are just one part of the Durango-Farmington Two-Step and when you’re ready to add Farmington to your list, call us at (505)327-1671 for availability and suggested trips and sites to see in the area.