Aztec RV

Aztec RVIf you are looking for Aztec RV parks, then you may or may not be aware of some other options that you may enjoy even more.

Aztec is located right next door to Farmington, NM, which gives you more options in terms of restaurants, shopping, movies, sporting events and other things you can do when you’re not taking advantage of all the outdoor activities in the area.

Aztec RV Parks – Just One of Your Options

Aztec has several popular attractions, including Aztez ruins, Sutherland Farms, and Aztec’s proximity to the premier rainbow trout fishing in the Quality Waters located below Navajo Dam.

If you’re traveling in an RV, I wonder whether you are aware that you can stay in Farmington and be in Aztec in no time at all. The short drive combined with the convenience offered by Farmington can make for a more enjoyable vacation or trip because you’ll likely spend more time eating and shopping than touring individual attractions.

Farmington also has a number of attractions in addition to dining and shopping. Farmington has a number of Native American attractions and events (…like trading posts and pow-wows), excellent golf at Pinon Hills golf course, arts performances at the outdoor theater and the civic center and the recently renovated river parks.

Aztec RV Parks or Farmington RV Parks?

If you plan to live and work in Aztec, then renting an RV space in Aztec may or may not make sense depending on how often you need to go shopping, to the movies or out to eat. If you are travelling and enjoying the sites, then staying in Farmington may make more sense and may just lead to a more enjoyable experience.

If you’re considering renting an Aztec RV space, consider doing what the locals do – make Farmington your home base so you can enjoy everything Farmington has to offer and then make the short drives to surrounding attractions – call us today at (505) 327-1671 to check on space availability.