Bird Watching in Your RV in Farmington, NM

Bird Watching at Berg Park in Farmington, NMIf you’re a bird watcher and an RV owner, you may or may not know that Farmington, NM, offers some fine bird watching.

Over the Christmas break, we took a break and headed down to Berg Park, home of the Berg/Animas Trail to enjoy the crisp, clean air amongst the ducks and geese floating in the river…

Further up the trail, we came across a couple out for an early-morning walk who told us they had spotted a bald eagle farther up the trail.

Fact is, Farmington is a fine place to enjoy the outdoors, native American arts, and beautiful wildlife, including over 100 species of birds.

If a guided tour is up your alley, you can meet at the Riverside Nature Center, which is located in Animas Park, and join the staff for a relaxing 1-2 mile walk. You can reach them at 505-599-1422.

As to where to stay in your RV, we’d like to suggest Sundowner MH & RV Park. We’re biased of course – we’ve spent 40 years turning it into the best RV park in Farmington, featuring a hands-on management team, concrete pads, paved streets, full hook-ups, WiFi, and a crack maintenance team that keeps the place in tip-top shape.

We fill up fast, so give Diane a call at 505-327-1671 today to reserve a space while they last.

After you get here, Berg Park and Animas Park are just a few minutes away and offer rivers, wetland, bird watching, horseback riding, nature watching, and hiking.

The nature trails use wood chips from the Farmington’s pruning program and the main trails feature road base and crusher fine, both of which make for easy, relaxing walks along the wooded trails which wind back and forth along the river.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, Farmington puts on the Riverfest event, where you can enjoy music, arts, great food and where you may see Canadian geese.

Of course, bird watching is just one of many reasons to visit Farmington. Our central location and affordable pricing makes Farmington the preferred base for smart travellers interested in exploring nearby Indian Ruins, fishing, golf and cultural events.

Give Diane a call today at 505-327-1671 if you’re thinking about visiting the area. We’d be happy to provide you with some suggested activities and find a spot for your RV if we have any available.