RV Park in Farmington NM: How to Choose Between Your Options

RV Park in Farmington NM
If your looking for an RV Park in Farmington NM, then I would like to suggest several things that will help you have an enjoyable experience while you are in Farmington.

Farmington has several RV parks to choose from and each location has it’s pluses and minuses, but you can apply these criteria to all of them.

RV Park in Farmington NM – What to Look For

  • Is the park paved, gravel or dirt? New Mexico enjoys about 273 days of sunshine, which means the dirt gets very dry and very dusty. It also rains and snows here, which translates into muddy conditions if you are driving on dirt.
  • Does the park offer wireless internet access? Unless you have a wireless data card, it’s nice to find a park that offers free or low-cost wireless access.
  • Are your utilities included in the rental rate? What about cable television?
  • Is the property manager professional and courteous on the phone? You never know when you are going to have a problem that you need the property manager to either fix or help you fix. If the property manager is rude or seems annoyed on the phone, how are they going to react when you need help?
  • Where is the park located? Is it close to restaurants, grocery stores and shopping? If not, then you may pay a lower rental rate, but you’ll quickly eat up the savings at the gas pump due to all the driving you’ll be doing to get to town.
  • Does the park offer 50 AMP service? If you’re travelling in a big RV, this can be a must-have.

RV Park in Farmington NM – Sundowner

You have several options when you are looking for an RV space in Farmington. You also have have several options if you are willing to stay outside of town and drive to local restaurants, shopping and entertainment (…but with the cost of gas, it makes more and more sense to stay in town).

Sundowner is located on the west side of Farmington and is the only mobile home park in Downtown Farmington, NM. Visit us today and check out gravel spaces that have concrete pads and trees (located on our paved and gravel streets). Our RV guests enjoy fast, professional service and complimentary wireless internet access. We offer 50 AMP service, competitive rates and we accept most major credit cards.

If you’re looking for an RV park in Farmington NM, then call us today at (505) 327-1671 to check availability (our spaces fill up fast, especially during local events).